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Checking in after a long time

Hi everyone,  Haven't been on the site for a long time.  In July 2017 I had to have a fibula free flap to mandibullar transplant on the left lower jaw for osteoradionecrosis.  2017/2018 was hard.   The thing with my jaw started in January 2017  - hyperbaric chamber, followed by molar extractions that didn't heal and culminated with the surgery in July 2017.  Its been 1 1/2 years and life has been different but as we always do - we adjust.  No more cancer scares since then.  Finally got a sleep study and started on a CPAP a month ago and am sleeping for the first time since 2012.   

Well, I know all of you have had your many challenges and victories since I last touched base.  I'll try to stay in touch better.  Love to you all


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Prayers for healing and no more pain.
Glad to hear no more cancer scares, dang cancer, go away, way away.

Great for getting on a Cpap machine. I've been on it for about 7 years. It's made quite a difference in my life. I told myself failure wasn't an option. Good luck and enjoy your new dreams.
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Prayers going up! Expecting blessings to come down. And you are blessed to have a great family and friends.
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ORN Journey and Surgery

Hi my dear friends, It's been a while since I posted. Beginning in January 2017 my journey culminating in a Free Flap Fibula to Mandible surgery to replace my necrotic left jaw began.  I know we have all been through so much in this journey with Cancer, but I am amazed how resilient the human body and spirit are. I am now 4 weeks post surgery. I won't lie it was brutal, but it isn't a recurrence of cancer so I remain so thankful.  I have been blessed with wonderful husband, children, grandchildren and 2 precious girlfriends who stuck by me and loved me through it all. Basically, in January during my routine 6 month dental checkup and cleaning the dentist found infection in gums under the last two molars on the radiated jaw. Next to periodontist who said I had 60% bone loss to the mandible. Next to Oral Surgeon, teeth just come out. Next HBO treatments 30 before and 10 after extractions. Over the next 3 months gum didn't heal and then bone appeared. Got news it was ORN in early July and had surgery on July 24th. In the hospital for 6 days. They basically cut through my original neck dissection site and then some. They took my left fibula and fashioned a new jaw. And here I am 4 weeks post operation and am able to walk without the walker and just started soft foods on Friday. I wanted to share my journey in the hope I can help someone on this site who maybe facing this issue. I have a strong faith in God and I have definitely felt His presence during this time. Love to you all 

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I'm sorry too hear about the necrosis. Thank you for posting your journey. It's very helpful. I pray that all goes well from this point on.
You are a blessing to share with others. Praying all continues to heal.
Your procedures sound invasive and intense, I believe having a wonderful family and faithful friends must have helped a lot. And, you attitude is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey. And, as you said, it's not a re-occurrence. Good for you.
Oh Barbara you have been through Hell I am so sorry about all of that. I hope things really improve for you, you deserve ! Cancer and the aftermath really do suck. I had the oral surgery and HBO treatments in 2016 to get ready for implants a year plus after having my teeth extracted I am still patiently waiting for my last appointment when they will put the teeth in. Everyone is amazed I am so patient, but after what we have been through we know not to hurry the process.. you my friend are a total inspiration to me and I do hope for the best for you to come Hugs xo
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Thanks Valarie. I know you will be glad when your journey getting teeth is done. You are right I have learned to be patient too. I'm progressing well and looking forward to being able to eat real food in a couple of weeks. Love and well wishes to you.
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